Mely Barragán

Artist Talk, Thoughts on Image @ AJA Project

AjA Invites you to the second installment of IMAGE X COMMUNITY – a dialogue series where we explore the intersection of “Image” and “Community”.

This round features Tijuana-based artist, Mely Barragan. Known for her works in sculptures, installations, collages, and paintings around the concept of “image.” Having shown in Germany, China, and Russia, Mely’s works reveal the complexities of perception in our contemporary lives and challenge us to look more closely at the images we consume.

Join us Friday, February 12th from 6-8pm at The AjA Project to participate!

“I utilize the appropriation of images to resignify their use, upon finding myself in a by-product world where we are inundated by concepts of identity based on consumption, I become empowered by this imagery without playing its game. I search for more honest visual formulas that question imposed visual formulas (industry, society, tradition, etc). I describe my process as reflections on the absurd, obsessive, fateful, grotesque, beautiful and fragmented”  Mely Barragán 2016.


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